Life coaching is the process where a coach comes alongside the client and helps them get from where they are to where they want to be. Life Coaching has a focus on the present and future and does not involve looking at the past or healing any emotional or psychological issues. The coaching process helps the client to build confidence and become more secure in their own problem solving skills.

During the free introductory session, it is determined whether there is a good relationship between the Life Coach and the client.  From there, the amount of sessions needed and desired will be determined based off of what the client is wanting to accomplish.  The sessions will end once the client is satisfied with what they have accomplished.  Everything is client centered and about the client. The client drives the entire process.

The sessions are typically one hour and are conducted via video call or phone.  The sessions typically start and end with prayer to allow the Holy Spirit to work within the session.   During the session, certain tools may be utilized as well as probing questions to get the client where they want to be.

During the sessions we can talk about as little or as much as you like.  If there are certain topics that are off limits, you can let me know and we can do our best to avoid those. However, the goal of Life Coaching is to make sure that all aspects of your life are lining up so that you can be the best total person that you can be. Anything that is avoided, could cause Life Coaching to not be as successful as it would be otherwise. 

Every client is different, after the initial session the coach will suggest how many sessions to purchase based on what you are trying to accomplish. However, it is important to remember that if it is a big change that you are trying to make, change takes time.  It does not happen overnight.

Definitely! The first initial session is free so that we can determine how well we work together.

If you accomplish your goal sooner than expected, then you have the following options;

1) You can save the sessions in case you need to touch base in the future (this is what most people do) 


2) You are more than welcome to donate the sessions to someone who may be unable to afford a Life Coach

Unfortunately, I am not trained to work with couples.   If you are suicidal or having suicidal thoughts you should always seek help through the route of therapy. Life Coaching is for individuals who are relatively emotionally healthy and feel stuck in some aspect of their current life.

I am a Spirit Filled Christian Life Coach. I use the Holy Spirit to help me be guided in how to assist my clients and what questions need to be asked to help the client get where they want to be.

Life Coaching is totally client centered. This means that the client has all of the answers, goals, solutions, and is the expert on their own life.   Therapy involves diagnosing a problem, usually from some hurt in the past, and how it can be treated or solved by the therapist.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, an Associate’s degree in Nursing (Registered Nurse), and a Master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling and Life Coaching. For eleven years, I worked as a Computer Programmer in and out of management positions.  For five years, I have been a Registered Nurse working in various hospitals as a travel nurse.

Definitely! I am willing to work with clients anywhere in the world, as long as they are proficient in English which is my primary language. 

Nope!  I am willing to work with anyone; however, I am a Spirit Filled Christian Life Coach. This means, that I will respect your wishes as far as prayer and the Holy Spirit within our sessions. Before and after our sessions I will still be praying for you and utilize the Holy Spirit in guiding me to help you during your coaching process.